Another X-Men: Yes or No?

I’ve always been a nerd for superheros. I’ve stuck through the good and the bad: everything from Fantastic Four (the old one AND the new one) to The Dark Knight. I’m always willing to give a film a chance if it means seeing some of my favorite comic book characters coming to life on screen. However, the last X-Men film may have taken it one step too far, even for me. Essentially erasing all the plot development throughout the previous films was quite a turn off. As a result, I’m extremely skeptical about seeing the new film. The trailer does present quite a promising story and stunning visual effects, but after Days of Future Past it’s hard for me to trust Bryan Singer again. And I know I’m not alone in this, fellow nerds have been debating Singer’s films for a while.

Is X-Men: Apocalypse going to be worth the $12 ticket and $10 popcorn?



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