Review: Deadpool

Deadpool is blowing up, both characters in his movie and in the box office. The film is quick, quirky, and quintessentially Deadpool. Fans are getting exactly what they expect from the character- vulgarity and violence. New viewers are probably confused, but will find the film witty and enjoyable. You’ve never seen a superhero film like this because,as Deadpool says,”surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story.”

For those who are new viewers, Deadpool is a Marvel comic book character that fans have been begging to be made for the big screen for years. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) works as a sort of bounty hunter, taking down the bad guys for money. He finds out he has terminal cancer, and in order to help both himself and his fiancée, he undergoes an experimental treatment that mutates his genes, curing his cancer and resulting in an inability to die. Afraid that his fiancée will be terrified of his appearance, he becomes the anti-hero Deadpool, hunting down the man that mutilated his skin.

It’s incredibly funny- the audience was laughing out loud through the entire duration of the film. By breaking the fourth wall, as Deadpool does in the comics, it gives the audience a more personalized experience. We aren’t just watching the movie; we are literally a part of it. The pop culture references the characters makes help us relate to him. The film even goes as far as to have Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, make fun of Ryan Reynolds.

Speaking of Reynolds, his portrayal of the characters is spot on and the role could be the biggest of his career. He speaks with snark and sassiness that was nowhere to be seen in The Green Lantern (which Deadpool absolutely makes fun of). His enthusiasm for the role is clear through his irreverent performance.

Deadpool is a superhero movie for adults- moving away from the generic and cliché and into originality. It’s wildly entertaining and could change the way superhero movies are done. It’s rumored that Wolverine 3 may have an R rating…whether or not it will embrace that rating as much as Deadpool is hard to tell. It’s not easy to compete with a character with the Merc with such a giant, raunchy mouth.

Did someone say chimichanga?



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