Sunshine Blogger Award

This isn’t my normal type of blog post because I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by Plain, Simple Tom Reviews!

Here’s the rules for the award:

Post the award on your blog

Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions they set you

Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)

Set them 11 questions

So, here it goes,

Questions for me:

1.What’s would you do with £1 million?

Well, first, I’m American so I believe that would convert to a bit more than that. But regardless, I’d use it to pay off my student loans and then travel.

2.What’s the best way to spend a Friday night?

It depends on my mood. If I want to go out I like going for drinks in Atlanta somewhere, if I stay in I like to binge watch Netflix with my boyfriend and order pizza.

3.What is your favourite animated TV series?

Young Justice. It was canceled and I am forever mad about it.

4.What are your 3 favourite drinks?

Is this alcoholic or not? Does me even asking that make me look like an alcoholic?

Alcoholic: Rum & Coke, Ace’s Pinapple Cider, Seabreeze

Non-Alcoholic: Coke, Coffee (with cream and sugar), Any kind of tea

  1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Writing has always been my stress relief or way of expressing myself. I like to get my thoughts out on paper, and I love mixing that with my other passion, which is film. Just getting my words out there feels great, even if only one or two people see them.

  1. Which famous person would you most want to slap in the face?

Ooooh boy, this is a difficult one. I’m usually not physically violent, but if I had to it would probably be Kanye West. Scratch that—definitely Kanye West.

  1. Bionic arm or Bionic leg?

I mean, neither really. I like my arm and legs the way they are, intact and human. But I guess bionic arm. I have no reasoning. I just chose.

  1. What’s your favourite Disney song?

There are so many directions this could go. Animated Disney or Disney Channel? Because I grew up in the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana generation. If I had to choose it would be Won’t Say I’m in Love from Hercules. I belt that out in the car or shower all the time. I love Meg.

  1. What is the best film to watch for when you’re feeling low?

I like to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty directed by Ben Stiller. I think it’s an underrated film. It changed my outlook on life when I saw it. It makes me smile and want to travel the world, take risks. It’s just a feel-good film.

  1. Chocolate or sex?

Chocolate. Especially dark chocolate.

  1. Which 5 actors/actresses would you have at a dinner party?

Can I choose dead ones? That seems like a stretch. I’ll do current ones (sorry Robert Mitchum).

  1. Ryan Gosling
  2. Margot Robbie
  3. Oscar Isaac
  4. Jared Leto
  5. Emma Watson

My questions for others:

  1. Do you prefer a certain genre of film, and if so, why?
  2. If you could meet one actor that has passed away, who would it be?
  3. Which do you like better: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, or none of the above?
  4. Do you prefer to watch movies at home or in the theater?
  5. What does being a writer mean to you?
  6. What song would you consider your personal theme song?
  7. Who is your celebrity crush?
  8. Favorite film from before this century?
  9. Favorite film from the current century?
  10. What is your opinion on remakes of classic films? Love them or hate them?
  11. What is your favorite thing about yourself? Practice self- love more often 🙂

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Thanks to Tom for nominating me!




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