Why do people love movies so much? It’s a question I come across quite a lot. We know that the films we watch aren’t real, yet we grow so invested in the plot. Simply put, movies take us to places no where else can. It’s an act of escapism. However, I believe it is much more than that.

Movies open up a world of possibilities and ideas that people may not have any other access to. For example, those that have never been to London would find a movie set in the city much more intriguing than the people that live there. The cinema acts as a window into another part of the world.

Now, regardless of the eye-rolling that may ensue because of the non-stop parade of Star Wars we are currently undergoing, I’m going to use it as an example. The world of Star Wars provides an entirely different type of discovery than simply visiting a city on the other side of the world. Instead, viewers get to witness an entire new universe that no one has ever been to. Movies allow the creation of absolutely anything you can imagine. Nothing is off limits in film. George Lucas created different planets, different alien races, different technologies that audiences freaked out for. And it all came from his head.

That’s why people love movies. They can literally create worlds inspired directly from someone’s head onto a screen. They create experiences that a viewer would never have in the real world.

Movies are magic.

And that’s what this blog is about.


I am a film enthusiast as well as a film student. I created this blog to write about my passion for cinema and the creation of it. I hope you enjoy it.






  1. Jennifer Jordan-Lock · January 5, 2016

    Love the premise of this blog. Look forward to reading posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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